Modern buyers need help from modern sellers who are data-driven, digitally-savvy, socially-connected and tech-enabled.

Here is a great article from Forbes sharing 3 main reasons why businesses are slow to implement social selling and ways to overcome those challenges.

  • Money
  • Structure
  • Alignment (between Sales & Marketing)

Here is an extract about the Structure

The Right Structure For Social Selling

To be successful today with social selling, the paradigm of sales needs to change. You can’t take what you did offline for the last 10 years and apply it online. If you still believe the role of salespeople is to “sell” something, then you won’t succeed in the era of social selling and content marketing.

The role of sales is to create trust: During their buying journey, people want to believe that someone cares about their problems and needs. They want to know that someone is explaining and educating, not selling. The context of sales then needs to evolve to a point where salespeople are not compensated for the sales they close, but rather for the people they bring to the table and their ability to be a recurring customer. The depth and strength of the work they do to build trusted relationships online should be just as important as the deals they close.

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