Social Selling described by Hootsuite, a leading social media management platform.

The article includes definition, reasons why businesses should care about social selling, best practices, ways to get started and recommended tooling.

With sales professionals who have incorporated social selling into their sales process way outperforming those stuck in the pre-social sales funnel (we’ve got the statistics to prove it below), social selling may be a buzzword, but it’s in absolutely no danger of being tossed away.

Instead, it’s an important new approach to selling that allows salespeople to laser-target their prospecting, establish rapport and trust through existing connections and networks, and possibly even ditch the dreaded practice of making cold calls.

According to “Social Selling: A New B2B Imperative,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Hootsuite in May 2017, organizations see promise in formalizing their approach to social selling. Forrester surveyed 265 sales and marketing leaders for the study and found that “49 percent of B2B enterprises have developed a formal social selling program, and 28 percent are in the process of doing so.”

In fact, only two percent of survey respondents said they had no plans to establish their own programs.

If you have not yet incorporated social selling into your business, you’re likely already losing sales to your more socially savvy peers.

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