Extra Mile’s mission is to help businesses and leaders in the Middle East drive business growth through social selling, social recruiting and social leadership.

We have one goal in mind: go the extra mile for our customers and be recognized as a true long term partner when it comes to social selling, social recruiting and social leadership.

Our Story

Our founder contributed to launching Linkedin in France in 2009 and in the Middle East in 2012.

Linkedin is an industry-changer social media platform and a big priority for Linkedin’s corporate solutions was customer education and adoption. Forward-thinking companies and leaders could see the value, but they often struggled to get their teams to extract the best out of Linkedin corporate solutions and reach the full potential of their social recruiting or social selling efforts.

There was an obvious gap in the market to help companies and executives with navigating social trends and best practices and implementing effective and durable social strategies.

That is the reason why Extra Mile was founded.