Welcome to Extra Mile’s Linkedin Impact survey

Do you or your team use Linkedin as a tool for sales or business?

In a post-Covid era when buyers actually prefer to interact with sellers online or remotely, it is critical for sales professionals to find, educate and build trusted relationship with buyers online and as early as possible.

When used correctly, Linkedin helps find more qualified leads, shorten sales cycles, grow the size of the deals. So take this short 5-minute survey today to review your Social Selling impact?

Quick tips:

  1. Some people find it easier to have two browser sessions opened at the same time – one to answer the questions and one to find the answers (don’t worry, we will tell you where to find them).
  2. You cannot retake the quiz once you have completed it. Please answer as accurately as possible. You can go back to review or change your response anytime before pressing “Submit” at the end